What Are The Effects Of A Gunshot Residue

2000px-solidrocketmotor-svgThe gunshot residue is divided accordingly to categories wherein the result are more precise by the time case presentation is needed in the court trial.


First category

The pattern of the gunshot residue is found on the garment and the ammunition and firearms are basically questioned first and recovered as well. This would mean that everything is questioned prior to what you want to know more about the situation. It is important that every details counts and recorded. All the things that you have collected during the first twenty hours of the crime up to the succeeding days should have a focus. Moreover, as you see a residue over to a garment, it is noted that you need to take it as an evidence. Make sure that you are able to document all the necessary details to every result that you have gathered. If you are going to report regarding the details of what have seen on the garment, it should be based on the gunshot residue.


Second category

The pattern of the gunshot residue is found on the garment with its ammunition and firearms are not recovered- this is basically a pattern in which there is a near gunshot in which the clothing 2338051_1445995461088may have a hole from the bullet and at the same time it’s almost like a missed hit. This also most likely is a physical effect on the person who almost died on a gunshot such as in shock. The effect on this gunshot turns out to have more impact compared to the first category. It is known that firearms can tear down not only things that can easily be broken, but also the clothing. The gunshot residue has created a big impact when it comes to the bullet hits either a soft or hard surface. The chemicals found in the gunpowder can easily be melted. This would also mean that the gunshot powder is very visible to the naked eye.

Third category

It has no result of gunshot residue and it only has a series of trace amounts that should be found on the garment- this is not easily seen by the naked eye and most of the residue in this case are barely to nothing at all. If you are to assess a crime scene with this type of category, you will see a bullet entrance right straight across the chest making a hole within the area. You will find its consistency as to how each are deposited in an intermediate variation range of the gunshot residue.

What does it mean if you can not find any bullet residues at which it has created a hole?

This only means several things, but this is broken down into the following:

headerimage-ballisticsFirearm is too distant in which it didn’t able to reach the garment.

There is an object distance between the firearm and preventing the garment to have the residue stains that will reach the clothing.

The residues are removed with handling it severely with heavy bleeding and others

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