Tips in Removing Gunshot Residue

tn_h2000168looking_for_gunshot_residue_46In order to detect if a certain person has fired a gun weapon, the police uses a technology that checks the gunshot residues on the suspect’s hands, clothes, arms, pants and even hair. Once you have fired a gun, the lead particles will eventually be scattered around your body and there is no way that you can erase the evidence because it is just almost everywhere. However, if you really wanted to remove gunshot residue, here are some tips that you need to consider:

Avoid it getting to you

Technically, gunshot residues are very difficult to remove. The best way not to deal with it is making sure that you are covered with something when you fire the gun. In that way, a coat will serve as your protection from getting it into your clothes, you might want to wear some gloves too and if you can, hide your body behind a door or something. In that way, there is less gunshot residue that will stick around you after you have fired the weapon.



Urinate on your hands

You should know too well that a simple shower will not remove the gunshot residue, so urinating on your hands can also be your option. Though there is no scientific explanation that proves that urine can really remove the gunshot residue, you might as well give it a try because it seems to be effective on other people.

Shower thoroughly

After you have discharged the firearm, make sure that you escape and then go somewhere where you can dispose your clothes. Even burn them in order to make sure that there are no traces of evidence. After that, take a shower and rub every inch of your body thoroughly. As much as possible, avoid using mild soaps and shower gels because it cannot help you in removing the gunshot residue on your body. Put some lotion on, wash your hair thoroughly because it can even get into your hair and even if it gets red and itchy, scrub it as hard as you can. There are times when these lead particles seep into your pores that is why you should make sure that you immediately take a bath right after you pulled the trigger.

36-6243-gunshot-residue-presumptive-test-kit-lActually, the best way to remove gunshot residue is not becoming a suspect. Do not just pull the trigger on your gun just because someone didn’t paid you their loan or you wanted to have revenge on someone. That is just so wrong in so many ways. While the fact remains that there are only few ways to remove a gunshot residue, you should just avoid touching and firing the gun. Most of the police nowadays will now depend on the gunshot residue to identify whether or not you are the suspect that they are investigating.

Gunshot residue is definitely hard to remove, but you can give these tips a try in order to see if it works on you too.

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