The risks of gunshot residue in pregnant women

e7005a98-7bcf-4af7-a8da-900eef9ec3ddIf you are a gun-toting woman and you suddenly got pregnant, it is important that you know the different risks that you should avoid in order to give birth to your child properly. There are lots of things that when known are prohibited to pregnant women such as drinking alcohol, strenuous activities, eating certain foods and such—all of these are for the health of your baby. Now, if you are used to be carrying firearms around, it is important that you know that you will not be holding your gun for the next couple of months because gunshot residue are not safe for pregnancy.

First, you need to understand that a gun are made of different components and materials—some of which can affect your health such as steel, alloy, metal, plastic, wood, exotic stones and even vinyl. These materials are only dangerous when you are hit with this in your head or anything else for that matter.

The second one is the ammunition. It is usually made from brass or aluminum as well as bullets. They are not that harmful if you are not allergic to that kind of materials but when the lead can be dangerous enough for the health of the mother and the baby. If you accidentally inhaled it or somehow ingested it, it can poison both you and the baby. Direct contact with lead will bring danger to your health and if you have talked to your doctor about it, they must have given you advice or tips in avoiding the lead as much as you can.

Now that you know how harmful it is for you, you should start prohibiting yourself from touching your gun once you learn that you are pregnant. A small sacrifice wouldn’t hurt if it’s for your child, yes? Or if you can’t really be separated with your gun, you can just go and buy a lead-free ammunition—the one that doesn’t have a lead core and the one with less lead particles in the powder. In tshootingpreggers2hat way, the risks and dangers are minimized, but your fun continues even when you are pregnant.

Gunshot residues not only remain on your hands—most of the particles does. It can even get into your hair without you noticing it and once you have inhaled the lead particles, it will start poisoning you and the baby. Not only that, but gunshot residue entered your body through the pores of your skin. See how dangerous it is? You must first check your lead levels once you have gotten pregnant to see if there is something that you need to take action of in order to ensure the safety of the baby.

In conclusion, you should start hiding away all of your firearms while you are pregnant because it will not do good for you and your baby. Enjoy the next couple of months being at the house and making sure that you will give birth to a healthy child by avoiding the risks.

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