Our Jobs

arrowheadforensicsgunshotresiduesmThank you for visiting our website, it is utmost confidence to share to you our holistic approach when it comes to case and crime scene investigation. We are a group of professional investigators wherein a part of our job description is to manage a case and at the same time do further job such as investigating with a forensic team a well. We have solved cases in which can be very emotional and tough too.

Out team have managed to assist people who became victims of an unresolved crime and or fresh from the oven crime scenes in which our presence is needed to investigate as well. It has been 12 years of service that we have been part of an investigation and one of our specialties is mainly the gunshot residue.

This kind of work is definitely not easy as we have to be very careful and skeptical in every move and even presence involved in the crime. We also have shared in our website for those who are in the criminal case data that can be read and understand the entire process of investigating and collecting evidence. If you should have more related questions regarding police and forensic investigation, feel free to ask by leaving a message for further details.