Modalert Review

I previously wrote on where one can buy armodafinil, but this review will cover the more popular Modalert from Sun Pharma.

Duckdose also carries Armodafinil, so if you want something stronger i suggest you check it out.

DuckDose Overview

Recently, Modafinil has really grown into reputation and is one of the most famous smart drugs there is.  I musclebrainsjoined the trend two years ago when one of my friends introduced me to it. But here is the deal: finding a reliable source to get it isn’t easy. Because there are a lot of shady websites out there that put you in trouble or even steal your credit card details and stuff like that.

Modafinil and his bigger and more powerful brother Armodafinil can only be normally bought with a prescription from a medical professional. Because of its effect of boosting cognitive capabilities and removing tiredness, it has been holding a bit under control. Therefore, a nootropics user like me has to rely on internet sources of purchasing Modafinil, for both a good price and easy access.

And here comes the great news. A great online shop for it is DuckDose. It serves as a great platform, with world class customer support, cheap prices and guaranteed deliveries. We will cover this supplier on this review.

The website

If you have been a fan of ModafilinCat, like me, the first thing you will notice will be the striking resembles the both websites have. Not to mention that they both have a cute animal representing them. Even if in real life, the cat might eat the little cute and fluffy duck, in this case, is the opposite in every part of their service.

The next thing I noticed was the buy buttons, front, and center, that they go to purchase Modafinil and Armodafinil. Simple and easy, they are designed to make an accessible and almost no effort buying experience. If you scroll down, even more, you will see what kind of benefits Modafinil can bring and to whom might be recommended. You will see that it can be useful for academics, executives, athletes, and gamers.

The blog is also very detailed with information regarding Modafinil benefits and side effect. Is very informative and it helps you make a good decision if this substance is useful for you or not. If you are new to nootropics please make sure to read enough about it to know if is something you should try.


Ordering and pricing

When I make the decision to buy one of the DuckDose’s product and click the Modafinil labeled box with purple I instantly get redirected to Modalert buying page, which is the Modafinil produces by Sun Pharmaceutical.

There are 4 different options in size from which I can choose from, and of course, if I choose the bigger one it’s the cheapest. So you can get it at 50 pills, 100 pills, 200 pills and 300 pills. At 50 pills it costs $1.60 per pill, and at 300 pills it costs $0.85 per pill.

If you compare these prices with the no longer existing ModafinilCat shop, you will find that DuckDose it’s a much better deal. For example, at 300 pills of Modalert from ModafinilCat, you would have paid $1.04 per pill. With a simple math, we can see that it used to cost 22.35% more than at DuckDose.

Shipping and delivery

After I made my choice about what kind of product I want and what quantity, I was brought to a simple and very clean checkout form. All I had to do there is insert my name, address, email and method of payment.

Regarding the payment methods, there are 3 different options from which you can choose from. One of them is Bitcoin, which is the most preferred one. Bitcoin is a very secure method of payment and you also get 20% additional discount when you pay with it. But just for your convenience, you can also pay with your card, Visa or MasterCard.

After I made the quick checking out, my order was securely processed and the package was dispatched from India. It took 8 days for it to arrive safely for me in the US, but keep in mind that other countries may have a higher delivery time. But nevertheless, you get a tracking code that you can use to see where your order is at any time. Most shipping times range from 7 to 21 days, depending on your locations.

For the major markets, the delivery time is as follows: in the United States from 6 to 14 days, in the United Kingdom from 3 to 7 days and in Australia from 6 to 14 days.

Besides the fact that shipping is FREE and it’s totally trackable, it’s also guaranteed. What does this mean? In the rare case of your order being held at the customs, you get a free reship or you can get your money back. That is a very comfortable way to purchase this product.

I also want to mention that their support system is world class. They are friendly, quick to response and very helpful to the customer needs.

Final conclusion

After I got my order in my hands and got to check out the product myself I can say wholeheartedly that this is the genuine product. It’s the powerful and beautiful effect I know and that I’ve been using for the last two years to greatly improve my productivity and get much more things done.


So, what would my final conclusion be?

This is a great online shop for Modafinil, I can tell you that. The prices are very cheap, if not the cheapest ones I have ever found on this product. The delivery is free, trackable and 100% guaranteed. You have multiple options for payments and also two different brands that you can choose from, Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. You get also great discounts for buying bulk, using Bitcoin as a payment processor and being a returning customer. Their support system is great and you are safe knowing that any problems you might have they will help you.

I totally recommend them to any Modafinil lover. For me, DuckDose is my preferred shop right now to purchase it.


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