Identifying Gunshot Particles of A Single Gunpowder


There are many ways to identify gunshot residue wherein only skilled professionals can do the job. If you are new to this particular level, you need to observe first the people who are mentoring you in becoming one of the finest forensic members and or investigators in a crime scene. It is important that you are able to identify gunshot residue or particles that happened in a crime scene. However, this particular job needs a lot of full time attention when you are going to investigate. You need to be SMART in doing all the tasks


Here is a method wherein you can fully adjust to the extent of the case and identifying gunshot residue.


Specific – Part of the assessment is the specifications of every movement of the entire case scenario. It is important that you are able to deliver this in a concrete task. The method of every case is focused mainly on the evidence that is collected by the investigator as per where the crime scene took place

Measurable – As soon as you have the case ready for further investigation it is important to set goals in aiming to solve the situation. Cases are given full extent of service when it comes to investigating both on the scene and the people that was involved. There should be enough evidence to suit a case that through a gunshot residue.


Attainable – Another factor for you to identify gunshot residue is done every time there is a shooting case scenario. This will clearly give a much evidence once it is confirmed by the investigators.


Realistic – Of course, cases like these are for real and should not be taken less or even for granted, quick action should be followed immediately. However, there may be instances that a prolong rescue is made, investigators should take note on the specimens that can be found on the premises of the case scene and if there are gunshots involved, it is important to estimate the credibility and time frame as to how fast things had happened.


Time-bounded – The smarter the test, the more you are able to figure out the events of the scene, the heavier the case of the crime. This does not only involve one gunshot; you’ll see the wasted elements. A part of the testing should include the following stabilizers and the plasticizers.


Smarter testing created a more diverse element or component in finding the residue of gunpowder. You must also understand that when an opponent fires the gun, there are gun powders that gsrproduces an enormous pressure of gases that are most of the time present on the hands of the owner of the gun.


However, there would always be a time wherein being specific in investigating a gun powder residue are basically modified which leads to a more prolonged investigation. One thing that you need to be confident about is for you to have a good structured report while you are still doing the case. Determining and identifying the case should always resolve a more serious way in taking out resources from the crime scene.

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