Facts About Gunshot Residue

svc_crim_gsrDuring a crime scene, everything is investigated and the entire affected premises should be kept to a minimal wherein only those who are authorized to do the task are allowed. This is strictly prohibited to outsiders who are not involved and even those who wants to do interviews, such as the reporters, are obliged to ask permission from the authorities to do an interview and a glimpse of a crime scene. There are many things that you need to consider when it comes to the different types of crime scenes and there are many types as well in investigating a crime scene. This takes a series of time to be able to come up with a solution of every crime that is under covered by an official.

Depending on the crime scene and the accessories that has been used such as a knife, an axe, perhaps a gun and its residue are collected to detect any finger prints that was hand held by the defendant and these are counted as an evidence in every crime scene. Anything that is involved are collected and can be used during presentations of evidences in the trial court.

Gunshot residue

In every piece that a detective and or other official that is handling the case, it is important to them to be able to analyze and come up with an analysis with the piece that was collected. Gun shot residues are most likely to be found in a crime scene. This can either be used by the victim or the defendant. The science behind gunshot residue is brought about the investigation that is in the process of analyzing how each step happened. This will enable one crime scene to open and lead to another until there is enough evidence of the crime. This also means that decisions are made accordingly, especially if it is found guilty of the crime done.


How is gunshot residue investigated

As someone pulls off the trigger there is an absolute reaction that will chain through causing it to strike the pin wherein the cap that is near the cartridge. When this happens the it will cause a reaction that will lead to an ignition of the gunpowder and as it is ignited there is an increase in temperature, thus pressure occurs immediately causing the the gun to fire the bullet out to its direct opponent. Elements such as the barium, antimony, and lead are the first elements in the gun that escapes out from the gun and form vapor that is called plume.


Finding evidence using the gunshot residue

gsrfig1-092712If there is an involvement of a gun, absolutely firing the gun is present in the scene as well either its a hit to the opponent or a miss hit. But the point of the investigation is the evidence that’s needed to be sought while solving an exposed evidence. Although there are other reasons to assumed the crime because it may have elapsed the time, the surrounding activity, there is an ammunition that was not good and many more.

There are scenarios wherein one or two particles are found in its analysis. In this type of crime scene there could be involvement of other resources such as nail guns, pyrotechnics and battery. All throughout the investigation other collaborations from other professional are also needed in order to solve a case and justice is given to the deserving. Such having laboratory work ups of the case, the evidence that was collected. A probative evidence is a process wherein there is no further thoughts about the case that is why it is still called a probative evidence.


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