Examining a Gunshot Residue

blueswabThe importance of knowing the appearance of gunpowder is very important. It is designed to its ability to have a quick burn and has a rapid production when it comes to its expansion of the gas that is confined in the space. Knowing more about the effects of gunshot residues is very essential when it comes to bringing out the best of what a gun can give.  There are indeed many ways for you to be able to classify a gunpowder, here a just three ways:

Regressive burning gunpowder – this comes in a variety of forms such as sticks, balls, flakes that can affect the surface as it decreases continuously while grains are consumed.

Burning neutral gunpowder – it is perforated and surfaces are burned wherein its areas are constant.

Progressive burning gunpowder – in comparison to single perforation, this has a multi-perforation that gives out a burning surface as this gives an increase continuous grains which are consumed.

Take note that there are even gun powders that are not burned as you can recognize different colors, shape and even the size of the grains.


When it comes to examining a gun residue you need to be definite with the details that you are to impart especially when you are investigating a crime scene. Every gun residue matters to the series of the events. It is important that you able to identify the type of gun residue that is used accordingly by the said situation. There are two types of residue and that is the organic and inorganic.

Difference between the organic and inorganic

Inorganic – this consists of chemical elements such as barium, lead and antimony. If you are going to compare it with the organic gunshot residue that may come primarily with derived materials that is found at its propellant. Most of its compounds are classified in its explosives, which are based on the composition of each chemical. Nitroglycerin is considered to be an explosive. There are many ways that gunshot residue can be found in different areas, such as at the skin or clothing, who basically fired the gun and have made an entrance towards the skin making a hole.

Organic- this can be detected in several hours through the use of hands despite the losses that has evaporated to the air and has permeated the skin as well.

Detection of the gunshot residue – based on Analytical and its qualitative. These two methods are commonly used to collect any adhesive stub. Aside from these, there will be other evidences to be taken as well, such as takfor111ing of pictures. It is important that you are able to deliver the exact contents when it comes to evidence and case presentation. There are other ways for a team of crime scene professionals to get more evidence and this can truly help in the extent of making it everything visible during in the time of court trial appearances.

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